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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Releases: February 2017 - Anthony Que / Alien Dread etc.

Back again in 2017 - under dark winter skies in the UK we are set to launch a series of heart-warming & uplifting releases during February, so only a couple of weeks to go and then lift off.

We have some soulful vocal artistry from Anthony Que on the Observer label under the guidance & promotion of Gadd59 Studios.

We have a single from Asha B, backed by Alien Dread, called Terrorist - a timely chant for peace & over-standing ... put down the weapons & vibe with love.

Then we have a special 10" EP from AD Studios UK, produced by Alien Dread and featuring horn work from Alvin Davis & Asha B beating out the riddim with tribal drum.

Further updates to follow & remember to sub to the YouTube channel to stay in touch with the flow of music.

Respect & peace to all of our listeners.

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