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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Martin Campbell - San Diego: Foundational Roots (LP)

The album was originally arranged in 2015, and produced in 2016, then on general release in 2017. The selection features 11 vocal artists from San Diego backed by Martin's rhythm work, which was originally engineered & performed at Channel One (UK) under Hi Tech Roots Dynamics.

San Diego: Foundational Roots - as a collection, thematically speaking follows lock-step with one of Martin's earlier albums simply called Foundational Roots, which was another selection of 'Roots style' arrangements, but chiefly backed by UK artists in the vocal department.

The tracks were also co-produced at Signature Sound Studio (SD) and then finalised at AD Studio (UK).

The album comes housed in a picture sleeve designed by Cold Clarity Imaging and pressed on quality vinyl.

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