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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hot & Rich - Rocksteady (limited edition)

Re-issued in 2017, the limited edition, 2011 album, Hot & Rich - Rocksteady, featuring the original artwork & audio production. The CD was requested by a distributor in Japan, but we also have a small amount left for sale worldwide.

Please note: there is also a 2014 edition with re-mastered audio, this particular release is 'not' the same, and was produced in Somerset (UK) at an older studio set-up.

1. Island Blues
2. Bells
3. Sporting Life
4. Guantanamera
5. Zambesi
6. Mango Walk
7. Snake Eyes
8. Do It
9. Angel Nemali
10. La Paloma
11. Ezilalini
12. One Throw
13. Slow Train
14. Lion
15. Font Hill
16. Sweet Talk
17. Rocking Steady
18. On My Mind

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