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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Re-issue: Peter Marshall - Channel One Revisited (digipack)

This is the original album from Peter Marshall, released many moons ago, and unavailable on CD for a while now. There are other copies floating around, but this particular version has restored artwork and is now available in digipack. Features the original, untouched, studio work - hailing out of Jamaica, from the legendary Channel One Studio. Produced by Martin Campbell way back in 1995.

Track listing:

1. These Arms Of Mine
2. Arms Of Dub
3. Never Give My Heart
4. Give My Heart Dub
5. Heart And Soul
6. Heart And Soul Dub
7. Lord Take Up The Key
8. Key Dub
9. Every Time I See You
10. I See You Dub
11. Each Night
12. Each Dub
13. Never Loved A Girl
14. Love Dub
15. Living In The City
16. City Dub

Bonus track:
17. Outer Dub

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