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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Alien Dread & Martin Campbell in Dub (2018 remix)

In 2010 Martin Campbell supplied a selection of his music to AD Studio (boss: Alien Dread) for special Dub remixes which were then released on limited edition vinyl and 3 CDs. These original mixes are still available through specific vendors. Alien Dread decided to sit down at the desk this year and revisit his work. He selected 12 of his favourite tunes and remixed the tracks using the new studio equipment. The selection on offer is harder, more dynamic and augmented in places. We hope you agree that these mixes represent the definitive edition of this dual-project to date. Check out the samples below and help us spread the word, by sharing this article on your social media account. The collection is now on general release, scroll down for further information.

Sample of Tracks:

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