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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

ISR Rootspective (limited edition cassette) 2018

Originally released in June 2018 on CD, with a variety of tracks also still available on 7" vinyl, we now have a seasonal limited edition cassette version. This particular release also has a bonus track, in the shape of, Monkey Jhayam - Great Old Men. The unit is supplied in a shrink-wrapped cardboard outer shell and comes supplied in a transparent box. The tracks were mastered at AD Studio (UK).
Side A:
1. Monkey Jhayam - Great Old Men
2. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Abyssinia
3. Alien Dread - Abyssinia Dub
4. Asha B - Terrorist
5. Alien Dread & Asha B - Terrorist Dub
6. Kendrick Andy - Great Old Men Vs 2
7. Alien Dread - Great Old Men Dub Vs 2
8. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Burning Sun
9. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Look Ahead

Side B:
1. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - Jah Is My Salvation
2. Alien Dread - Put The Knife Down Vs 2
3 Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - They Will Have To Know
4. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - It's A Road Block
5. Alien Dread - It's A Road Block Dub Vs 1
6. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Thorn In My Flesh
7. Kendrick Andy - What of The Wicked
8. Alien Dread - What of The Wicked Dub
9. Alien Dread - Rockers Lament

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