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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Hot & Rich: Rocksteady (digipack) 2019 re-issue

Sample of Tracks:


Bob "Hot Dog" Ormrod and his son, Richard Ormrod, have over 50 years of musical experience between them. They play everything from Jazz, Blues, Ska, Reggae, Latin, Calypso, Mento, and South African music. The duos musical synergy emerged over 15 years, when playing with now defunct bands, Skaville Train, Ska Bop and others, which enabled them to enter a recording studio, with little to no prior notice, and score arrangements, on the fly, with aplomb and innovation.

The featured instrumentals on the album were recorded over two days in December, 2003, and at a later session in 2004, at the Bijou Studio, Taunton, Somerset, GB. Hot & Rich play Sax & Harmonica led instrumentals on original JA recorded mid 1960s Rock Steady and early Reggae rhythms, supplied courtesy of Derrick Morgan (O.D.). The overall style ranges from loose to free-blowing Jazz influenced incarnations, on Sax and Harmonica, to more precisely orchestrated pieces.

The album was originally released in 2004 on 10" LP & CD. There was also a limited special re-release on 12" vinyl & CD in 2012. All tracks have been revised, up-dated, and also remixed / remastered by Alien Dread & Top Beat, at AD Studio, Nr. Exeter, GB.

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