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Friday, 10 April 2020

Peter Marshall... Channel One Revisited - 12" vinyl (re-issue)

Release Notes:

Available from 10th April, 2020, we have the timely re-issue of classic "Roots" album "Channel One Revisited" featuring Peter Marshall (Kendrick Andy) on original 1970s Revolutionaries (Channel One/JA) rhythms. This is a 12" release on quality vinyl. The sleeve art was refreshed by Cold Clarity Imaging, with a greyscale finish, and new labels on Iron Sound Records.

Track List:

Side A:

1. These Arms of Mine
2. Arms of Dub
3. Never Gonna Give My Heart
4. Heart And Soul
5. Lord Take Up The Key
6. Key Dub

Side B:

1. Everytime I See You
2. I See You Dub
3. Each Night
4. Never Loved A Girl
5. Living In The City
6. City Dub
Sample of all Tracks:

Please note:

Due to the current Covid 19 crisis, we are supplying the album through third party distribution.

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CD version also available:

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