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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Frank Luz - You Won't Capture Me (CDEP) - new / 2020

Release information:

We are proud to present a brand new collection from AD Studio (UK), featuring Frank Luz; the soulful Reggae artist and vocalist from Fortaleza, Brazil. Frank has been working with Alien Dread since the middle of 2019 on a series of Roots tracks; backed by Alvin Davis (hornz), Asha B (percussion) and Steven "Marley" Wright (guitar).

The initial release will be on a CD-EP and then we plan to release a 12" vinyl album, with possible 7" singles and/or vinyl EPs at a later date.

This particular CD-EP can be considered 'limited' and part of the initial promotional push. Once the music is out there, we can carry the project forward and pursue the vinyl projects. We are also considering a CD digipack version with extra tracks at some point.

The EP presents 3 new vocal tracks, with respective Instrumental and Dub versions.

Track List:

1. Education
2. Education (Instrumental)
3. Education Dub
4. Won't Capture Me
5. Won’t Capture Me (Instrumental)
6. Won’t Capture Me Dub
7. Harmagideon
8. Harmagideon (Instrumental)
9. Harmagideon Dub

Because of limited stock, we expect this version to sell out swiftly.
Sample of all Tracks:

Please note:

Due to the current Covid 19 crisis, we are supplying the EP through third party distribution, but hope to sell directly again from July 2020 (approx).

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