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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Asha B - Lost Souls EP (featuring Alvin Davis/Alien Dread) 7" EP

Release information:

Asha B, had his initial release through ISR, on his own label, Psalms 87. His music is foundationally underpinned by a religious affiliation with Rastafarianism, which is often reflected thematically. Asha is a gifted musician, vocalist and rhythm builder, appearing on many other projects available on vinyl, digital download and CD through Iron Sound Records.

Along with Asha B on this EP, we also have Alvin Davis (Saxophone) and Steven 'Marley' Wright (Guitar). All tracks were produced at AD Studio (UK).

Track List:

Side A:
1. Asha B - Lost Souls
2. Asha B & Alien Dread - Lost Souls Dub

Side B:
1. Asha B - Judgement A Follow Up
2. Asha B, Alvin Davis & Alien Dread - Judgement A Follow Up (Vs.)

Sample of all Tracks:

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