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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Monkey Jhayam - Fortalecendo A Cultura (digipack)

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Monday, 18 February 2019

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

ISR Rootspective (limited edition cassette) 2018

Originally released in June 2018 on CD, with a variety of tracks also still available on 7" vinyl, we now have a seasonal limited edition cassette version. This particular release also has a bonus track, in the shape of, Monkey Jhayam - Great Old Men. The unit is supplied in a shrink-wrapped cardboard outer shell and comes supplied in a transparent box. The tracks were mastered at AD Studio (UK).
Side A:
1. Monkey Jhayam - Great Old Men
2. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Abyssinia
3. Alien Dread - Abyssinia Dub
4. Asha B - Terrorist
5. Alien Dread & Asha B - Terrorist Dub
6. Kendrick Andy - Great Old Men Vs 2
7. Alien Dread - Great Old Men Dub Vs 2
8. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Burning Sun
9. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Look Ahead

Side B:
1. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - Jah Is My Salvation
2. Alien Dread - Put The Knife Down Vs 2
3 Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - They Will Have To Know
4. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - It's A Road Block
5. Alien Dread - It's A Road Block Dub Vs 1
6. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Thorn In My Flesh
7. Kendrick Andy - What of The Wicked
8. Alien Dread - What of The Wicked Dub
9. Alien Dread - Rockers Lament

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

September 2018 - Promotional Material

Now Live On Bandcamp

We are now hosting material on Bandcamp for the labels AD Studio & Channel One (UK) - our associate Johnny Beat is currently managing both accounts. Along with vintage material, you'll also find contemporary works being posted. Both channels plan to expand overtime to include new and exclusive releases. Check them out below, along with the promotional videos on YouTube.

Dub Collection Incoming!

Coming up, end of the month, we also have the widely anticipated collection - Best of Alien Dread and Martin Campbell in Dub. The stock is ready to be distributed and we are beginning to promote the material online. The album represents the most dynamic arrangement of the material; originally recorded in 2010/2011.

Shout Out To Jah Leo - much respect!

We have a new friend and promoter based in Brazil, a really likeable guy, highly motivated, and well grounded. The Brazilian Reggae scene has really boomed in the last few years; with new labels and artists stepping up to the plate, and we appreciate the support, and are happy to bump-fists across the ocean. Check out Leo and friends on the links below the photo.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Alien Dread & Martin Campbell in Dub (2018 remix)

In 2010 Martin Campbell supplied a selection of his music to AD Studio (boss: Alien Dread) for special Dub remixes which were then released on limited edition vinyl and 3 CDs. These original mixes are still available through specific vendors. Alien Dread decided to sit down at the desk this year and revisit his work. He selected 12 of his favourite tunes and remixed the tracks using the new studio equipment. The selection on offer is harder, more dynamic and augmented in places. We hope you agree that these mixes represent the definitive edition of this dual-project to date. Check out the samples below and help us spread the word, by sharing this article on your social media account. The collection is now on general release, scroll down for further information.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Release Highlight: Roots Survivor - Kendrick Andy

Available on CD in digipack format:

Roots Survivor is a collection of hard-Roots vocal tracks co-produced by Kendrick Andy with Martin Campbell at the helm. The basic rhythms were originally recorded at Channel One UK in 1993 and the music in this particular collection was voiced during 2006/2007.

Throughout the album Kendrick continues his long-time lyrical style focusing on spiritual & political themes; chanting down Babylon, over vintage 'Hi-Tech Roots' rhythm work.

In this 2015 re-issue, the tracks were passed to AD Studio for re-mastering, which served to enhance the overall sound; adding more punch to the drums, and augmenting the low end, with an enhanced bass presence.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Release Highlight: La Loi Du Milieu - Alien Dread

Available on CD & select tracks on vinyl.

From original release notes:

After a full studio refurbishment during 2014, Alien Dread is now back in operation and returns with the second of the new releases for 2015, with a special instrumental project, featuring top Jamaican musicians Alvin Davis & Asha Barnes.

The CD features as a basis for the tracks, a fully adapted part of the main theme from the 1971 UK movie, Get Carter, under the French film title, La Loi Du Milieu. We have five tracks in total featuring Saxophone & Flute versions from Alvin Davis, a Conga version from Asha Barnes and respective Dub and Ambient versions from Alien Dread.

Top Beat / Fall, 2015

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