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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Release Highlight: Roots Survivor - Kendrick Andy

Available on CD in digipack format:

Roots Survivor is a collection of hard-Roots vocal tracks co-produced by Kendrick Andy with Martin Campbell at the helm. The basic rhythms were originally recorded at Channel One UK in 1993 and the music in this particular collection was voiced during 2006/2007.

Throughout the album Kendrick continues his long-time lyrical style focusing on spiritual & political themes; chanting down Babylon, over vintage 'Hi-Tech Roots' rhythm work.

In this 2015 re-issue, the tracks were passed to AD Studio for re-mastering, which served to enhance the overall sound; adding more punch to the drums, and augmenting the low end, with an enhanced bass presence.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Release Highlight: La Loi Du Milieu - Alien Dread

Available on CD & select tracks on vinyl.

From original release notes:

After a full studio refurbishment during 2014, Alien Dread is now back in operation and returns with the second of the new releases for 2015, with a special instrumental project, featuring top Jamaican musicians Alvin Davis & Asha Barnes.

The CD features as a basis for the tracks, a fully adapted part of the main theme from the 1971 UK movie, Get Carter, under the French film title, La Loi Du Milieu. We have five tracks in total featuring Saxophone & Flute versions from Alvin Davis, a Conga version from Asha Barnes and respective Dub and Ambient versions from Alien Dread.

Top Beat / Fall, 2015

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Retro Cassette - unearthed (for sale)

Back in 2013 when we were flying under the flag of Reggae Retro Records, we produced a limited edition cassette, featuring artists we were promoting. The cassette was aimed at a 'music event' taking place that year and we sold units initially and then removed the item from the catalogue.

Recently, after sifting stock, we found a couple of trays of the cassettes in storage, so, if you want a copy, they are still available.

Admittedly, this is somewhat of a novelty item, given today's market, but there are a few of us who still appreciate the cassette format and it has to be said, the actual sound quality is pretty solid and the format itself, has a unique look and feel.

For this release, all tracks were mastered at AD Studio (UK).

The cassette is available for £5 + shipping (PayPal)

Monday, 25 June 2018

Alien Dread/Alvin Davis/Asha B - Roots Instrumentals

Back in stock - the 4 track, 10" vinyl EP from Alien Dread, featuring Asha B & Alvin Davis. A selection of Roots instrumentals - engineered at AD Studio (UK) with Alien Dread at the desk.
Available in picture sleeve (above) and cut to quality vinyl.
Mastered at Music House (London) by Leon.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Monkey Jhayam - Great Old Men (limited edition 7" single)

The 7" single will be initially available pressed with a white label, in a picture sleeve. This will be strictly limited edition.

The single features the vocal talent of Monkey Jhayam (Brasil), backed by Alvin Davis, Asha B and Stephen 'Marley' Wright. All tracks were produced at AD Studio (UK) and the final master was cut at Music House (London/UK) by Leon.

Promotional Videos:

Background info:

As we all know, Reggae music was created in the ghettos and has helped many people in their struggle & creating many opportunities for those who worked hard for it. Reggae developed its own alternative industry with the support of sound systems and gave opportunities to so many deejays, toaster and singers. In Brazil, with the rise of sound systems inspired by the UK and JA scene, Monkey Jhayam was one of the first artists to express his art and also build a solid and prominent career alongside many sound systems in his country. Out of São Mateus, Monkey broke barriers and has been collaborating with producers from all over the world with his uplifting Portuguese message.

Kendrick Andy’s Roots song “Great Old Men” lends itself to a new version by the top Brazilian Reggae artist, Monkey Jhayam. The 7" single features back to back versions, both in English (A) and Portuguese (B) of Great Old Men. Rhythm: Alien Dread. The tracks also feature Alvin Davis (Hornz), Asha B (Congas & Percussion) with Rhythm/Lead Guitar from Steven ‘Marley’ Wright.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Re-issue: Peter Marshall - Channel One Revisited (digipack)

This is the original album from Peter Marshall, released many moons ago, and unavailable on CD for a while now. There are other copies floating around, but this particular version has restored artwork and is now available in digipack. Features the original, untouched, studio work - hailing out of Jamaica, from the legendary Channel One Studio. Produced by Martin Campbell way back in 1995.

Track listing:

1. These Arms Of Mine
2. Arms Of Dub
3. Never Give My Heart
4. Give My Heart Dub
5. Heart And Soul
6. Heart And Soul Dub
7. Lord Take Up The Key
8. Key Dub
9. Every Time I See You
10. I See You Dub
11. Each Night
12. Each Dub
13. Never Loved A Girl
14. Love Dub
15. Living In The City
16. City Dub

Bonus track:
17. Outer Dub

Monday, 11 June 2018

ISR Rootspective (2018) - out now!

Available now, in digipack format, a collection of Roots Reggae, originally released on 7" vinyl, featuring Asha B, Alvin Davis, Stephen 'Marley' Wright, Alien Dread, Kendrick Andy and Peter 'Roots' Lewis. Produced at AD Studio (UK).

Track listing:

1. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Abyssinia
2. Alien Dread - Abyssinia Dub
3. Asha B - Terrorist
4. Alien Dread & Asha B - Terrorist Dub
5. Kendrick Andy - Great Old Men Vs 2
6. Alien Dread - Great Old Men Dub Vs 2
7. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Burning Sun
8. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Look Ahead
9. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - Jah Is My Salvation
10. Alien Dread - Put The Knife Down Vs 2
11. Alvin Davis, Asha B, A' Dread - They Will Have To Know
12. Peter 'Roots' Lewis - It's A Road Block
13. Alien Dread - It's A Road Block Dub Vs 1
14. Alvin Davis, Asha B, Alien Dread - Thorn In My Flesh
15. Kendrick Andy - What of The Wicked Dub
16. Alien Dread - What of The Wicked Dub
17. Alien Dread - Rockers Lament

Promotional video: